INSIDER presentation at the IAEA regional workshop

From 4-8 November, Sven Boden (SCK•CEN) was together with representatives from CEA, Sellafield Ltd and VUJE invited by the IAEA as experts to participate in the IAEA Regional Workshop on Characterisation of Areas Affected by Accidents or High Dose Rate Areas. Hosted by the RAW (State Enterprise Radioactive Waste) in Kozloduy (Bulgaria), the workshop covered aspects related to radiological characterisation for decommissioning purposes of areas with high contamination levels and high dose rates and discussed related approaches, practices, experiences and challenges, as well as the use of advanced characterisation techniques.

The IAEA workshop gathered 40 participants from 11 countries. The objectives, approach and overall structure of the INSIDER project have been presented in a presentation titled “Data Analysis & Sampling Design Strategy Developed Within the INSIDER Project” and focusing in particular on WP3 activities.


Sven Boden presentation2


Sven Boden presentation3

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