Training courses

Education and training of young scientists and researchers is a key element in the nuclear decommissioning sector. A series of actions will be undertaken within the INSIDER project, such as a training programme accessible via the European Learning Initiatives for Nuclear Decommissioning and Environmental Remediation (ELINDER).

ELINDER is coordinated by the European Commission Joint Research Centre (JRC) in collaboration with several partners, including European universities and institutes specialised in the nuclear sector.

In the framework of INSIDER, 4 specific courses are offered. Provided by each partner in different European countries, they include visits and practical studies.

4 specific courses


Only INSIDER consortium partners fulfilling one of the following criteria are eligible to apply and receive a grant:

  • BSc or MSc students interested in pursuing a master degree and/or a career in the field of nuclear.
  • students and Post-docs in nuclear interested in academic and research exchange, access to research infrastructures and cooperation with EURATOM research projects.
  • professionals interested in changing and/or building up their life-long learning on nuclear topics.

Please note that only complete applications will be considered.

Expressions of interest have to send by e-mail  (indicating in “INSIDER training” in the email subject) and should include:

  • training courses and priorities
  • a CV
  • an academic transcript or student status certificate (B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D.)
  • a motivation letter (how will the training improve the candidates knowledge, skills and competitiveness for career opportunities in one of the nuclear fields)

Candidates can apply to all proposed training courses (indicating priorities) but a grant can only be attributed for one.

Applications will be evaluated and prioritised by a committee that will select eligible candidates for a grant covering training course fees and travel costs.

The following generic priorities (listed in the decreasing order of importance) will be considered in the selection of the applications:

  • compliance with minimum requirements of the individual training courses
  • quality of the motivation and impact of the training on the nuclear career of the applicant
  • homogenous distribution between INSIDER partners
  • order of arrival of the applications

Successful candidates will receive a lump sum and are required to present a proof of participation within 30 days.