Deliverables / Reports to be produced during the course of the project

Reports will be accessible for download in this section as they become available

D2.1 Compilation of end-user requirements for site characterisation

D2.2 Criteria for characterisation, radionuclides and material-cartography

D2.3 Compilation of a comprehensive and detailed database

D2.4 Identification of needs for innovative technologies

D2.5 Design of the benchmarking exercises

D2.6 Good practices in waste minimization in decommissioning projects

D2.7 Results summary of the benchmarking exercise

D4.1 Review of methods

D4.2 Miniaturised radiochemical analysis system

D4.3 Reference materials certification

D5.1 Inventory of methodologies existing for constrained environments

D5.2 Classification and categorization of the constrained environments

D5.3 Recommended in situ measurement techniques for each constrained environment

D5.4 Reporting on in situ measurement campaign

D5.5 Guideline on the requirements for method implementation

D5.6 Guideline containing the methodology for method validation

D6.1 Benchmarking (Interlaboratory comparison on real sample) organisation

D6.2 Interlaboratory comparison organisation

D6.3 Interlaboratory comparison results and estimated uncertainties

D6.4 Benchmarking results and estimated budgets

D6.5 Establishment of uncertainty budgets

D6.6 Recommendation guide

D7.3 Preliminary state-of-knowledge for sampling strategy, laboratory analysis and onsite measurements in constraint environments

D7.6 State-of-knowledge for sampling strategy, laboratory analysis and onsite measurements in constraint environments

D7.10 Guidelines and pre-standards on sampling strategy, laboratory analysis and onsite measurements in constraint environments

D7.11 State-of-knowledge for sampling strategy, laboratory analysis and onsite measurements in constraint environments (final update)

D7.15 Recommendations

D7.16 E-learning courses

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