MAUD (2016-2019)
MetroDECOM (2014-2017): Metrology for decommissioning nuclear facilities

MetroRWM (2011-2014): Metrology for radioactive waste management

CHANCE: Characterisation of nuclear compounds for their safe (final) disposal in Europe
AVANTI: Advancing and accelerating radwaste management through integrated characterisation

Review of analytical methods used in Nuclear decommissioning. Application vs. aspiration-and EU-wide survey of methods in radioanalytical chemistry. A K. Nothstein, U. Hoeppener-Kramar, L. Aldave de las Heras,  & B C. Russell, International Journal for Nuclear Power (Vol. 64, 2019, Issue 8/9 August-September).

Classification and categorization of the constrained environments in nuclear/radiological installations under decommissioning and dismantling processes. F. Aspe, R. Idoeta, G. Auge & M. Herranz, Progress in Nuclear Energy (Vol.124, June 2020).

Metrology applications to D&D issues: issues at stake for INSIDER European project. D. Roudil, M. Crozet, S. Picart, B. Russell, M. Herranz, S. Boden, P. Peerani & L. Aldave de las Heras, EPJ Nuclear Sciences & Technologies (Volume 6, 2020).

Development of a user-friendly guideline for data analysis and sampling design strategy. Y. Desnoyers & B. Rogiers, EPJ Nuclear Sciences & Technologies (Volume 6, 2020).

UC1 sampling plan, liquid waste storage tanks, JRC Ispra. G. von Oertzen, O. Nitzsche & A. Hashymov, EPJ Nuclear Sciences & Technologies (Volume 6, 2020).

INSIDER UC2: the BR3 biological shield preliminary results and future work. W. Broeckx, B. Rogiers, N. Mangelschots, R. Vandyck, G. Verstrepen & S. Boden, EPJ Nuclear Sciences & Technologies (Volume 6, 2020).

Use case 3: post accidental site remediation − CEA. Y. Desnoyers, C. Faucheux & N. Pérot, EPJ Nuclear Sciences & Technologies (Volume 6, 2020).

INSIDER WP5 (in situ measurements): developed activities, main results and conclusions. M. Herranz, R. Idoeta, K. Amgarou, F. Aspe, C. Csöme, S. Boden & M. Crozet, EPJ Nuclear Sciences & Technologies (Volume 6, 2020).

Analysis of radionuclides in microsystem: application to the selective recovery of 55Fe by solvent extraction. S. Rassou, C. Mariet & T. Vercouter, EPJ Nuclear Sciences & Technologies (Volume 6, 2020).

Radiological characterisation in view of nuclear reactor decommissioning: On-site benchmarking exercise of a biological shieldM. Herranz, S. Boden, P. Völgyesi, R. Idoeta, W. Broeckx, J. Ruiz González, P. Otiougova, A. Klix, L. Sai Leong, Z. Hlavathy, I. Almási,K. Amgarou, M. Crozet, & F. Legarda, Progress in Nuclear Energy (Volume 137, July 2021).


INSIDER 2nd project meeting in Ispra (Italy) – June 2018

DEM2018 in Avignon (France) – October 2018

NKS-B  Radworkshop in Roskilde (Denmark) – October 2018

INSIDER 3rd project meetin in Bilbao (Spain) – May 2019

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