INSIDER project officially kicks off

Launched on 8 June 2017, INSIDER is a new Horizon 2020 project funded by the European Commission. It represents a major challenge in optimising radioactive waste identification during nuclear decommissioning and dismantling operations (D&D), in particular concerning nuclear power plants, post-accidental sites or nuclear facilities.

Today, about 60% of the decommissioning expenditure is attributable to waste management, even though only 3% of materials picked up is declared as radioactive waste. Following the establishment of standardised characterisation guidelines for industry, key stakeholders and the R&D community, results generated by INSIDER will also contribute to new EU policies on radioactive waste management.

Coordinated by Danièle Roudil, President of the commission for the establishment of analytical method at the Nuclear Energy Division of the CEA (Marcoule site), INSIDER stands for ‘Improved nuclear site characterisation for waste minimisation in D&D operations under constrained environments’. The project gathers 18 partners from 10 European countries: 11 research centres, 4 SME’s, two nuclear operators, and one services and engineering company.

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