INSIDER: Improved nuclear site characterisation for waste minimisation in D&D operations under constrained environment

The INSIDER Horizon 2020 project aims to define the best strategy for optimising radioactive waste production during the dismantling of nuclear facilities under constrained environments, by focusing on characterisation strategy and methodology improvements. The project expects to refine EU policy and put forward new and improved solutions for the decommissioning of nuclear facilities, power plants or post accidental land remediation.

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Besides the establishment of standardised guidelines, INSIDER’s goals are economic, societal and environmental, taking into consideration the global question of climate change.

Case studies

Scientists and engineers are working on three case studies: hot cells under decommissioning, shielding systems, and analysis of contaminated soils after a nulcear accident. They are carried out to validate the INSIDER results.


Reports and results are available here, throughout the all INSIDER project. 


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The INSIDER consortium comprises 18 partners from 10 European countries.