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Creating custom Responsive Post Grids with Fortuna is a breeze! Fully customize the looks of your grids, add them to any page, filter the items you want to display, manage the output and sub-items displayed like date, image, excerpt, Read More link etc. Check out some of the modification options below as well as a few examples further down the page.


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Post Grid Example #1

INSIDER presentation at the NWMDER Conference

The INSIDER porject and its key achievements were presented at the 4thNuclear Waste Management, ...

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Partners gathered in Avignon for the INSIDER Final Workshop

The INSIDER Final Workshop took place in the Palais des Papes of Avignon (France) from 16-17 September ...

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Second set of INSIDER in-situ measurements

In the frame of the INSIDER project, an experimental benchmark is planned to test the characterisation ...

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As one of the INSIDER partners, LNE collaborated with AFNOR to establish a mapping of existing ...

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New scientific papers published by INSIDER partners in ‘Progress in Nuclear Energy’


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INSIDER presented at the NKS-B RADWORKSHOP 2018

From 8-12 October, the NKS-B RADWORKSHOP 2018 took place in Roskilde (Denmark). During this 3-day ...

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INSIDER Newsletter n°3

The yearly INSIDER newsletter is now online! Find in this third edition the latest achievements and ...

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Second INSIDER Consortium Meeting – Save the date!

Save the date! The second Consortium Meeting of the INSIDER project will take place ...

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CETAMA’s 60 Years Celebration Seminar: Submit your abstracts by June 30, 2021

The 60 years celebration of the CETAMA’s existence will take place in October 2021, in Nîmes, ...

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Post Grid Example #2

STRATEGIST, a data analysis & sampling design web tool for radiological characterization

Proper physical, radiological and chemical characterization of nuclear plant areas are a necessary precondition to ...

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INSIDER was at the CETAMA seminar

In October 2021, Insider attended the CETAMA seminar. CETAMA is a CEA unit that was created 60 years ago in order to ...

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Partners gathered in Avignon for the INSIDER Final Workshop

The INSIDER Final Workshop took place in the Palais des Papes of Avignon (France) from 16-17 September 2021.  The ...

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The INSIDER Final Workshop takes place on September 16-17 in Avignon, as a DEM side-event

Four years after the launch of INSIDER, the Final Workshop will to take place on 16 & 17 of September 2021 in ...

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New scientific paper published by INSIDER partners in Nuclear Engineering and Technology

Have a look at the latest scientific paper written by the INSIDER partners! A new INSIDER publication is now available. ...

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INSIDER partner SCK CEN developed a 3D model to considerably reduce the footprint of decommissioning

New approach streamlines decommissioning process thanks to 3D model mapping radioactivity more accurately The nuclear ...

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Post Grid Example #3

INSIDER presentation at the IAEA regional workshop

From 4-8 November, Sven Boden (SCK•CEN) was together with representatives from CEA, ...


The third INSIDER meeting took place in Bilbao (Spain) from 20-22 May 2019.  It was followed ...

INSIDER Second Project Meeting

The second INSIDER project meeting took place in Ispra (Italy) from 5 to 7 June. After nearly ...

Presentation at the EURADWASTE conference

Taking place in Pitesti (Romania) from 4-7 June 2019, the EURADWASTE international conference ...