Second set of INSIDER in-situ measurements

In the frame of the INSIDER project, an experimental benchmark is planned to test the characterisation methodologies developed in the project on some real cases of ongoing decommissioning projects. After having performed the first exercise on the biological shield of a nuclear reactor, the second one has started in October 2019. This new exercise deals with the characterisation of two tanks containing liquid radioactive waste stored in the waste management area of the JRC site in Ispra (Italy).

Seven teams from INSIDER partners and external companies will perform the in-situ measurement campaigns. In each campaign, of the duration of four days, the teams will first construct the cartography by measuring the dose rate horizontal and vertical profiles across the two tanks and then will acquire and analyse the gamma spectra in two selected points of the tanks (bottom and middle points). After the in situ, liquid samples from the tanks will be taken and dispatched to the laboratories that will participate to the destructive analysis part of the exercise.



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